The cloud-based for employee shift planning

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Quick employee scheduling

You do not need to spend hours for a employee schedule in spreadsheep like before. HiloPlan does it super fast in minutes, accurate, efficient and simple.

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    Shift templates

    By using shift templates, you could save much time when you need to schedule shifts that have a consistent start, end time or working skills.

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    Copy week schedule

    Faster way by copying the schedule from previuos week schedule.

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    Shift drag and drop

    You can quickly copy, move or delete a shift by mouse drag and drop

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    Repeat shift

    With fixed schedule like for back office employees, you only need a repeat shift.

Shift market

Once employee wants to change their scheduled shifts, Shift market is essential tools that has designed adaptive these needs

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    Sell your shift

    If you get scheduled on a day when you can't work, you could move your scheduled shift to open and available for colleague to pick it up.

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    Swap shift

    You cannot work and don't want to lose your hours? Just find a suitably colleague for exchanging the scheduled shift.

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    If your colleage agreed to take your scheduled shift, you could offer it to them.

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    Take a Openshift

    From market place, you could create a request for taking an Openshift.

Keep everyone up-to-date

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Work hour rules

Meeting the requirements of the labor law in manually employee scheduling is an extremely difficult task.
The simple way HiloPlan does is building sets of working hour rule according to country regulations and auto checking while doing employee scheduling. Surely you will not need to worry about paying penalty caused by violating the labor regulations of employees.

Conflict checking

You will never have to worry about making a wrong schedule, HiloPlan will help to check for conflicts about shift time overlapped, employee skills and availability with intuitive warning messages.

Employee scheduling has never been easy like now

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